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Mary's House for Older Adults
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Welcome to Mary's House 
Anticipated Opening Date: Winter 2017

Mary’s House for Older Adults, Inc. is committed to helping our community by developing housing that comprehensively addresses affordability and access, and eliminates the constant worry of discrimination or even violence based upon the LGBTQ/SGL status of the individual. Its intent is to meet the emotional, recreational, social and other similar needs of older adults through health and wellness programming, hydrotherapy coordination and referral of community and social based services.
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The vision of Mary's House is to create independent, communal housing for older adults that eliminates the intense isolation experienced due to aging, subtle and not so subtle discrimination and intolerance based on one's sexual/gender identity or orientation. Mary's House will be a model and set the standard for future housing of its kind, that is, to create a living environment that celebrates and honors the 'whole person' as they age, no matter who they are.
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