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CEO Notes November 2015

CEO Notes November 2015

Our CEO, Dr. Imani Woody
Dr. Imani Woody

November 2015

During this season of thanksgiving, I am reminded of how grateful I am for things big and small. I am thankful that I have access to heat, warmth, companionship, food, love and acceptance that translates into home. I am painfully aware, however, that this definition of home is not the case for many LGBTQ/SGL older adults.

You all may have heard similar stories, where older people are treated poorly, their point of view disregarded and their achievements minimized. Can you imagine - getting older and being gay? The research is showing that man old people go back into the closet because being gay AND being old is just too hard. That’s one reason why Mary’s House is so important to us as a community.

I am thankful to be working with people in this City, and across the United States, like SAGE, who “get it” and are making the case that there is a link between good health and stable housing for LGBTQ/SGL elders. Advocates, organizers, and City officials know that by building welcoming environments of affordable housing, that include LGBTQ/SGL older adults - healthier citizens and communities are created.

And, I am especially grateful to the people and organizations that have stepped up to support us in the PRE-DEVELOPMENT Campaign of raising $20,000 before the end of December. I invite you to join this group of visionaries. YOU CAN HELP a person over 62 bring her or his WHOLE SELF home and be accepted and celebrated for who s/he is. Be a part of the CREATION that is Mary’s House – A residential facility that will positively impact the lives of older LGBTQ/SGL people.

Take good care,
Dr. Imani