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ITK Events

ITK Events

ITK (In The Know) Parties

How can you help?

Do you see the vision too? 
Do you believe that Mary's House for Older Adults is much more than just a building?
Do you wish for a safe and secure future for people as they age no matter what their skin color, religious belief, ethnic background, sexual orientation or gender expression?
Do you have friends?

If you can answer "Yes!" to any of these questions then why not consider answering "Yes!" to one more?

Would you like to host an ITK Party?

ITK stands for In The Know.  Everybody likes to feel they are "In the know" about the next big thing -  that they are in on the ground floor of something spectacular. 

If you share the vision that is Mary's House, why not tell all of your friends?  And why not tell your friends with a party?  People like parties - right?  Parties are fun.

Consider being a Host for an ITK Party where you can tell your friends about Mary's House and show your support for a worthy cause.  It's easy.  And we will show you how.

Contact us to learn more about how you can be an ITK Party host.

Come to our next ITK Party on November 5, 2016! Click here for more information.

Mark and Bill's Fundraiser