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Homeshare Match Program

Homeshare Match Program

Mary’s House provides supportive independent, communal housing environments for older adults to eliminate the intense isolation experienced due to aging, subtle and not so subtle discrimination and intolerance based on one's sexual/gender identity or orientation. Our LGBTQ/SGL Friendly Homeshare Program goes that extra step to facilitate housing that benefits both the LGBTQ/SGL Friendly Homeowner and the LGBTQ/SGL Friendly Renter. We are creating community. If you are LGBTQ/SGL and have a house to rent or need to share a house, your participation in Mary’s House LGBTQ/SGL Friendly Homeshare Program could be for you.

Renting a room may generate the additional income Hosts need to cover their mortgage payments, keep their homes, and stay in the neighborhoods they love. It provides Hosts who are frail but in good health as well as Hosts with disabilities a safe alternative to a residential facility and an opportunity to age in place.

Living with someone in their home, in a room that is safe, clean and affordable is a creative, alternative solution for many facing the housing crisis in our City and the surrounding areas. For some, it serves as an ideal, short-term solution during a life transition, such as retiring, loss of job, health issues and downsizing.

Download: Resident Getting Started Form