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LGBT/SGL Affirming Residence


Q:   What is Mary’s House for Older Adults? 

A:   Mary’s House for Older Adults is a nonprofit organization that develops brick and mortar housing targeting the cultural and relational needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) elders. Our first communal living home will be built in Washington, DC. Our vision is to build a Mary’s House in every ward in the District of Columbia as well as every state and territory in the Union. We know that there is not enough affordable and culturally competent housing available to older adults, especially for LGBTQ/SGL people. Also, we educate on and advocate for issues germane to elders, emphasizing that the lack of housing is a public health issue.

Q:  Why Mary’s House for Older Adults? 

A:  Sometimes being older and LGBTQ/SGL is simply too challenging. Empirical evidence shows that this population is bullied, harassed and treated poorly. This forces many to return to the “closet”. Recent studies show that LGBTQ/SGL elders are still discriminated against in the housing arenas based on their sexual identities and sexual orientation.  The mission of Mary’s House for Older Adults, Inc. is to develop housing and inclusive environments that comprehensively address affordability and access, and diminishes the constant worry of discrimination or even violence based upon the LGBTQ/SGL status of the individual. Our intent in creating housing is to meet the emotional, recreational, social and other similar needs of older adults through health and wellness programming, referral of community and social based services, and education and advocacy.


Q:   Is Mary’s House for Older Adults a tax exempt organization?

A:   Yes, we received our 501(C)3 tax exempt status July 10, 2014.

Q:   How long has Mary’s House for Older Adults been in existence?

A:   Mary’s House was started by Dr. Imani Woody in 2012.

Q:   Do you have a Board of Directors?

A:   Yes, we are privileged to have a diverse and skillful Board of Directors.You can learn more about them by         accessing our website at

 Q:  How do I donate to Mary's House?

A:   There are several ways to donate to Mary's House. Donations can be mailed in at : 

        Mary's House for Older Adults 
        PO Box 29561
        Washington, D.C. 20017

        Donations can also be received digitally. Click here for our GoFundMe campaign
        Click here to secure make a donation using PayPal.
        Click here to donate while shopping on Amazon.
        Click here to donate via our website.
       Mary's house is also listed in the Combined Federal Campaign. Our CFC# is 62407.

Q:  Do you have site control for the building and property?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What is the address of the current property?

A:  The address is 401 Anacostia Road, SE, Washington, DC.  It is located in Ward 7.

Q:  How big is the building?  How many units?

A:  We will tear down the existing building and build a new one.  The building will have 15 individual suites that contain a bedroom, kitchen area and private bathroom. Using our communal housing model, the building will house a common kitchen, living and dining rooms, laundry rooms and other community space.

Q:  Why communal housing?

A:  One of the most destructive things for elders is the very real possibility of becoming more isolated as they age. For LGBTQ/SGL people this is a greater risk because of the stigma that could have resulted in estrangement from family and friends. Communal housing is a way to build strong relationships of care and support. Mary’s House addressed this this possibility by creating a loving and caring environments for elders to live in.

Q:  Will you provide services at the project?

A:   The project will be for independent living.  We do not know yet what if any services will be provided.

Q:  What support do you  have for this project?

A:  Our local and national support includes Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, Mayor Muriel Bowser, residents and organizations throughout DC, the Ward 7 Advisory Neighborhood Commission, Metropolitan Community Church of Washington, DC, Westminster Presbyterian Church, AARP, and SAGE. We have received funding from individuals and organizations including Brother Help Thyself, Enterprise, and LISC.

Q:  What kind of funding will you use for the project?

A:  We will use a combination of a bank loans, funding from our local DC Department of Housing and Community Development, and grant money from foundations and individual donors.

Q:  What progress have you made on the project?

A:  We have accomplished the following things:

     We obtained our 501C(3) tax exempt status.

     We have site alover the property.

     We obtained zoning relief that now allows us to build 15 units of housing.

     We met with the Office of the Mayor / LGBTQ

     We met with the DC-DHCD

     We met with the LISC

     We met with Enterprise Community Partners

Q:  What will the building look like?

A:  Beautiful! See the attached renderings.

Q:  How do I contact Marys House for Older Adults, Inc.

A:  Call (202) 269-5736


      Go to our website