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Experiencing Pleasure That Promotes Wellbeing

Experiencing Pleasure That Promotes Wellbeing

Galia Godel, (she/he), is a sexuality educator based in greater Philadelphia. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Temple University and an M.Ed. Human Sexuality from Widener University, and is employed as the program manager of the LGBTQ Initiative at JFCS Philly. He’s an experienced trainer and workshop leader, and uses explicit verbal communication both while teaching and while creating innovative programs and curricula. When not working at JFCS, Galia can be found leading queer events at her home synagogue, Kol Tzedek in West Philadelphia, or attempting ambitious home improvement projects.

Jane Fleishman, (she, her, hers), PhD, MEd, MS, is a sexuality researcher, writer, and educator. She’s on a mission to promote the sexual wellness in LGBTQ elders. Her book, The Stonewall Generation: LGBTQ Elders on Sex, Activism, and Aging features Dr. Imani Woody. She co-hosts a regular Podcast on sex, Our Better Half.

Rabbi Erica Steelman, (she, her, hers) BCC, MAHL, MPP is a board member of Mary’s House for Older Adults and chairs the health and wellness committee. She provides spiritual care to members of the Horsham Center for Jewish Life, a skilled nursing community in Greater Philadelphia (formerly Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life where she started working as staff chaplain in 2012). Since 2014, Rabbi Erica has been raising awareness among long-term care providers, clinicians, administrators, researchers, educators and other stakeholders of the existence and unmet needs of LGBTQ+ older adults. She has presented her ideas on person-centered care to members of national, state, and local organizations and other entities. Rabbi Erica is currently a co-investigator in a research project with Penn State faculty and has contributed to other research projects (including one based in Australia!). She serves on several advisory councils including the Long-term Care Equality Index Advisory Council, and the Elder Advisory at William Way Advisory Council. In addition to serving on the board of Mary’s House for Older Adult, Rabbi Erica serves on the executive board of Board of Rabbis of Greater Philadelphia. She is an avid fan of Philadelphia’s basketball team, the 76ers, and is rooting for them all the way!

D. Magrini (she, her, hers) Director of External Training Whitman-Walker Health For over 20 years, D. Magrini has worked to reduce health disparities and improve access to culturally sensitive care for underserved and vulnerable people, particularly those in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. Ms. Magrini began her professional career in 1991 as a community health outreach and education specialist for underserved lesbians of color. D. also worked as a member of the Women’s Health Consultants Collective (1991 – 94) where she trained third year medical students as well as seasoned providers how to conduct well-woman exams respectful of the woman’s perspective. Ms. Magrini served as the program coordinator/liaison for the Women’s Health consultants program at Howard University, working closely with instructors to assure students’ learning goals were met and evidenced by evaluation. This position allowed Ms. Magrini to increase her skills as a program manager, while she developed the more nuanced skill of matching appropriate instructors to groups of students to create an effective and stimulating learning environment. She honed her ability to communicate effective health promotion messages to diverse audiences. She credits her time at Howard for allowing her to learn the critical importance of mutual listening and learning strategies – not only with respect to those providing care, but also in partnership with communities of women seeking care. Ms. Magrini became a member of the Lesbian Services Program of Whitman Walker clinic as the primary health educator. She served in this position from 1998– 2006. She developed a range of successful strategies for encouraging a diverse range of women of color to participate in health promotion and early intervention programs. Notable among these efforts was the Avon and Komen-funded Breast Health Initiative where she assessed and refined outreach strategies. This program facilitated mammograms for 400 uninsured women annually. Ms. Magrini joined Mautner Project as Health Education Program Director in 2006. During that time, she created programs to influence members of the LGBT community to reduce tobacco dependence. She is responsible for the creation of two city-wide coalitions – the first, in 2008, called SmokeLess DC and a second, larger coalition (with 30 organizational members), in 2010- 2011 called SmokeLess LGBT DC – engaging the LGBT community in both anti-tobacco educational programming and in advocacy to promote the CDC’s proven MAPPS strategies to combat tobacco use. Currently, Ms. Magrini holds the positon of Director of External Training for Whitman Walker Health. She oversees the cultural competency training and support for all new staff. She also continues to develop and deliver trainings on LGBT cultural competency for medical providers and allied staff locally and nationally. Ms. Magrini is army veteran and a native Washingtonian.